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Our offering is built on world-class facilities, capabilities and partnerships producing the highest quality protein.

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We don’t simply pride ourselves on what we do, but how we do it.
Day-old Chicks
Our world-class breeder farms and hatcheries are located across Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique, producing an average of 2,000,000 day-old broiler chicks every week. We pride ourselves on our route to market solutions, ensuring we get quality chicks from hatchery to farm as efficiently as possible. Creating a more sustainable future for small scale growers and businesses.
We produce an average of 3,800 tonnes of finished feed every single week. Quality, affordable feed made from best in class maize, soya and the perfect blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. We strive to procure as much maize and soya as possible from small scale producers. Gathering over 144,000 tonnes of maize and 90,000 tonnes of soya from local partners.
Frozen Chicken
Our industry leading facilities in Zimbabwe process an average of 280,000 birds every week. From mixed portions to whole birds, we provide households across Zimbabwe with affordable, high-quality chicken that is an ISO 22000 Accredited Finished Product.
Only available in Zimbabwe
Only available in Zimbabwe
Table Eggs
Currently our world-class Layer Farms in Zimbabwe produce 6,500,000 table eggs every week. Recognised for their quality, we supply a number of established global and local brands as well as informal traders and caterers.
Only available in Zimbabwe
Only available in Zimbabwe
Growers Shops
Our Growers Shops provide everything a grower needs to succeed at chicken farming. Offering animal health products, scientifically formulated feed, customised vaccine programmes and hands-on technical advice and training, as well as on-site farm and digital solutions.
Technical Support

At Irvine’s, technical support is a critical pillar of our customers’ success, ensuring that our partners achieve the best results and get the most value out of our products. Our in-house technical team are strongly supported by our international partners and suppliers ensuring we combine Global and African experience to support our customers growth with Irvine’s. The Irvine’s team of experts do in-person visits with customers and hold regular training sessions for our customers to fully equip them to reach their full potential, so we grow together, fulfilling our purpose of changing lives in Africa by producing affordable protein and growing businesses.

At every point in the chain, we use our expertise to create opportunities and make our partners’ dreams a reality.
We are Proudly African
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Our offering is built on world-class facilities, capabilities and partnerships producing the highest quality protein.
From upskilling growers to empowering women owned enterprises, we invest in the entire poultry ecosystem.
We understand every detail of our business across every unique region.
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© 2024 | Irvine’s Group